And life goes on

You know…. in life there’s those moments when you’re just smacked in the face with something unexpected. I try to always mentally and emotionally prepare myself for the worst possible things to happen, but obviously it’s impossible to expect everything. One specific thing that is probably very impossible to dodge is heart break.

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Everyone is a liar


It’s quite¬†intriguing to play a game full of mystery cases. Solving them one by one as you slowly move up into a higher seat. Isn’t that how life is? Everyone has a path to go down and as they continue down their path, they either move up or down a seat. Yet I’m leaving something quite important out: everyone is a liar. People like to twist the truth or tell a white lie to screw another person over. For what purpose? They are afraid of consequences; maybe they just want to see the person fall? You’re probably wondering what this has to do with a video game?Well L.A. Noire¬†is a perfect example of one person trying to screw the other over.

*possible spoiler alert*

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