Taking Risks

I remember one time in class our teacher asked us “Has anyone ever tried peanut butter pie?” Everyone in class replied with the same answer in unison. “No.” As if on cue, our teacher said, “Exactly!” He paused for a moment and continued, “Nobody ever tries the peanut butter pie. And you’ll never know if you’re missing out on it because you’ve never given it a chance.”  Continue reading


And life goes on

You know…. in life there’s those moments when you’re just smacked in the face with something unexpected. I try to always mentally and emotionally prepare myself for the worst possible things to happen, but obviously it’s impossible to expect everything. One specific thing that is probably very impossible to dodge is heart break.

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Maybe I’m not the Protagonist

fi.watamoteJust being alive is such an ego boost that sometimes people see themselves as the most important thing in the world– well that’s kind of true. As a human, the most important thing is taking care of yourself. Sometimes though, that thought expands and it can get to your head. BAM. You start to think “Oh hey man, I’m totally the main character! Mwuahaaha! Now, a whole bunch of wonderful and eventful stuff should be going on in my life.” When in reality… whoops. You’re actually on an equal level as everyone else. But it doesn’t really seem like that. To be honest, it seems like everyone else is this amazing protagonist and I’m that background character that’s kind of ignored. Continue reading