Reaching You


Kimi ni Todoke is one of my all time favorites for anime and manga. It’s the one that got me into all of the really girly shoujo stuff with the cutesy cutesy moments, but it also tore my heart into a bazillion little pieces and then stepped on it with all the emotions. Since this is one of my favorites, I’m going to take a moment to fan-girl and over analyze little details, woohoo!

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“The Not Yet Dead Battlefront”

Angel_Beats!_charactersI’ve always wanted best friends and stuff… and I couldn’t think of the kind of thing I was even looking for… then man. I watched Angel Beats and I know exactly what my silly heart desired.

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Everyone is a liar


It’s quite intriguing to play a game full of mystery cases. Solving them one by one as you slowly move up into a higher seat. Isn’t that how life is? Everyone has a path to go down and as they continue down their path, they either move up or down a seat. Yet I’m leaving something quite important out: everyone is a liar. People like to twist the truth or tell a white lie to screw another person over. For what purpose? They are afraid of consequences; maybe they just want to see the person fall? You’re probably wondering what this has to do with a video game?Well L.A. Noire is a perfect example of one person trying to screw the other over.

*possible spoiler alert*

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Maybe I’m not the Protagonist

fi.watamoteJust being alive is such an ego boost that sometimes people see themselves as the most important thing in the world– well that’s kind of true. As a human, the most important thing is taking care of yourself. Sometimes though, that thought expands and it can get to your head. BAM. You start to think “Oh hey man, I’m totally the main character! Mwuahaaha! Now, a whole bunch of wonderful and eventful stuff should be going on in my life.” When in reality… whoops. You’re actually on an equal level as everyone else. But it doesn’t really seem like that. To be honest, it seems like everyone else is this amazing protagonist and I’m that background character that’s kind of ignored. Continue reading

It was meant to be


A lot of people ask me why anime is something I’m into. Some people find it odd, some have no opinion, and others find it totally rad. There’s a whole bunch of reasons why I enjoy anime and manga when I stop and think about it. I mean, the art style is unique, the story lines are different than that of other things, and anime and manga have opened me up to the Japanese culture, which I’ve started to fall in love with. I never would have thought however, that being into these things would introduce me to the most important person in my life– my best friend. By some odd coincidence and a nerdy recognition of song lyrics, anime and manga changed my life, and that’s probably the biggest reason why I love it so much.

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