Taking Risks

I remember one time in class our teacher asked us “Has anyone ever tried peanut butter pie?” Everyone in class replied with the same answer in unison. “No.” As if on cue, our teacher said, “Exactly!” He paused for a moment and continued, “Nobody ever tries the peanut butter pie. And you’ll never know if you’re missing out on it because you’ve never given it a chance.”  Continue reading


And life goes on

You know…. in life there’s those moments when you’re just smacked in the face with something unexpected. I try to always mentally and emotionally prepare myself for the worst possible things to happen, but obviously it’s impossible to expect everything. One specific thing that is probably very impossible to dodge is heart break.

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Something a little different

Okay, so usually when I make a post I take some sort of anime and go off an a huge rant. Now! That’s fine and all, but I’ve decided to mix it up a bit. Angel Beats is one of my favorite animes and one of the things I really enjoyed in it was the music. For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to cover one of the songs! So what I did was grab my handy-dandy guitar and attempted to sing in Japanese. Now, I am fully aware that my pronunciation may be completely horrible, but hey. I gave it a shot. The next thing I did was make a little doodle of Iwasawa Asami because she’s the character that sings the song, and plus she’s very cute. Upon realizing I couldn’t just upload the audio file onto wordpress, I somehow after much debate just decided to throw the thing on youtube. So, here it is! A little bit of variety to spice up my posts. I may do this every now and again if anyone seems to get any joy out of it. Let me know what you think. c: And I do thoroughly apologize for probably having terrible pronunciation.



Sacrifice is something that a lot of people aren’t willing to put forward, but whenever I have witnessed it, fictional or otherwise i, it happened to be more than heart-wrenching to say the least. Seeing as how anime loves to destroy my feelings with tragedy, I’m surprised I haven’t had a mini emotional breakdown yet.

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Reaching You


Kimi ni Todoke is one of my all time favorites for anime and manga. It’s the one that got me into all of the really girly shoujo stuff with the cutesy cutesy moments, but it also tore my heart into a bazillion little pieces and then stepped on it with all the emotions. Since this is one of my favorites, I’m going to take a moment to fan-girl and over analyze little details, woohoo!

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