Okay, okay. I know I write a lot about Angel Beats, but that’s because I just have so much to say about it. It’s one of those animes that’s stuck with me. Another thing that came into my head that made me realize once more how great Angel Beats is, was Iwasawa and her chasing after her dreams.

When she was alive, she dreamed so much of becoming a musician and making something of herself. Her hard work and dedication was pretty admirable. She took initiative to go to as many auditions as she could and she played to her heart’s content. Sadly…. despite how she tried, tragedy did strike and took away her hopes and dreams.

By this point in the episode you can probably guess I was near crying. Anyways, she suffered from a severe blow to the head. She woke up in the hospital unable to speak. After awhile, she gave up and just died before making anything happen that she had dreamed of.

Her desire to create music was so strong, that she ended up in the afterlife like all of the others with unfinished business. She took her opportunity and played her music. She formed her band Girls Dead Monster and finally she could do what she had always wanted to do.

As cheesy as it sounds, I really do enjoy this though. I like that her hard work paid off. It gives off the message that you can’t just hope for things to happen and that you must innovate and get things to happen for yourself with determination and purpose.


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