Sacrifice is something that a lot of people aren’t willing to put forward, but whenever I have witnessed it, fictional or otherwise i, it happened to be more than heart-wrenching to say the least. Seeing as how anime loves to destroy my feelings with tragedy, I’m surprised I haven’t had a mini emotional breakdown yet.

When Asuna jumped in front of that blade, my heart stopped. She was all that Kirito wanted to protect and right before his eyes, she died at his own expense. “Thank you, Goodbye” were the words she said to him as she disappeared. This kind of reminded of A Tale of Two Cities when Sydney Carton gave up his life for Miss Manette’s husband to be able to live. He loved her so much, he died for her happiness. Asuna loved Kirito so much, she died for him in hopes that he would be able to continue on fighting. I suppose that’s what sacrifice is about. In exchange for one thing, you give the other a new opportunity. Asuna gave Kirito the opportunity to keep his promises.

At this point Kirito had been in too much shock to even put up a fight. (Note, I was blubbering like an idiot at this time; tears and all streaming down my face as I watched in horror.) He couldn’t handle the fact that this girl he loved so much and had been through so much and had made so many promises to was gone. With her gone, he was gone as well. However, he couldn’t let her sacrifice be in vain, after all he did make promises to her.

He defied the rules of the game in order to fulfill his promises. I can’t even handle all of the feelings this anime has given me.


3 responses to “Sacrifice

  1. Oh my gosh…the feels 😥 I LOVE Sword Art Online. It’s one of my favorite anime. Connecting SAO with A Tale of Two Cities is an excellent way of bringing the emotions and transferring it to a great and classic book like A Tale of Two Cities. I also symbolize Yui, Kirito and Asuna’s daughter, as possible Lucie; the angel/guardian that shields people from pain. Yui could also resemble Lucie’s child who died, but then was “called” to a different life. And that different life could be Alfheim Online (season two of SAO).

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