Secrets–  everyone has them, some people give them away in the wee hours of the morning to certain people, others hold on to them tightly as they would a childhood blanket. The secrets that we choose to let loose versus the secrets we cling to are part of what makes us who we are.  no63_JPG_650x10000_q85No. 6 is an anime that has a whole bunch of secrets within secrets. A secret-ception, if you will. The world is a dystopian society in No. 6. Everyone is confined within 6 cities. People that don’t live in the cities are never allowed to live in them. Inside of the cities, everything is “perfect” as can be. Life is fairly simple and easy for most people. However, it isn’t as so. (Come on guys, when is there ever a perfect world? Not even the countless fanfics we write are perfect.) There’s a conspiracy, and basically there are theses killer insects that crawl into the human skin and within a few hours– BAM! The host instantly starts aging at a rapid pace and dies. It’s actually a pretty gruesome process. Well, nobody is aware of this besides a few protagonists and the many antagonists. The government tries to keep it all hush hush from everyone. Once again, with the secrets. I mean, not only do the antagonists have secrets, but so do the protagonists.

One of the things that  I enjoyed about No. 6 was the relationship between Nezumi and Shion. The whole time, you can kind of tell that both of them are secretly in love with one another. But what I really found nice was the fact that it wasn’t a huge deal to the plot because they were both dudes. It wasn’t overdone or anything like that, which made it nice. So now, you have these two that both love each other, but don’t ever really admit it. Nezumi is afraid to love because he sees it as a weakness, but from the very start he loved Shion. Shion was the first person to show him genuine compassion and that stirred up inside of him for so long. Nezumi was  the one who showed Shion that the world wasn’t as perfect as he was shown it to be– he saved Shion from becoming another robot accepting the lies and secrets.




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