Reaching You


Kimi ni Todoke is one of my all time favorites for anime and manga. It’s the one that got me into all of the really girly shoujo stuff with the cutesy cutesy moments, but it also tore my heart into a bazillion little pieces and then stepped on it with all the emotions. Since this is one of my favorites, I’m going to take a moment to fan-girl and over analyze little details, woohoo!

*possible spoiler alert*

195696Okay, so if you aren’t familiar with the Japanese language, then the title probably doesn’t strike too much significance to you. I looked up the translation of the title and I had two prominent translations come up. “From me to you” and “Reaching you” is what most people would translate it to. So! Why does this have any significance? Well, if I had known what the title meant beforehand, I could have realized I was getting myself into a world of shattered-but-later-mended-dreams by watching this anime. Let’s go with “Reaching You.” Looking at this as the title gives me the hint that there’s going to be some obstacle between two people trying to reach each other in some way. (OBVIOUSLY.) Now, whether it’s physically, emotionally, or both you can’t be all too sure. It’s usually always both though, c’mon. Anime always wants to hit you with double whammies. Anywho!

With a  little bit of background information, the title totally makes sense. Kuronuma Sawako is a highschool girl that has never had many friends because she’s super duper awkward and people relate her to this horror character, Sadako.

Kimi-Ni-Todoke-1024x576In reality, she’s just a sweet, smart, and shy kiddo. There’s this one guy, named Kazehaya Shouta. He’s super popular and well liked among the students and teachers. He shows kindness to Sawako and she slowly develops a little crush on him. However, she’s afraid even being his friend would be a nuisance because she thinks she would make people dislike him more.


Here’s the thing though: He also has a crush on her, but she gives off the impression that she doesn’t like  him that way, so there’s a lot of confusion. He doesn’t care what people think of him or if their opinions of him change just because she’s hanging around, BUT SHE DOESN’T SEE THIS. Keeping this confusion in mind and looking at the title, it all makes perfect sense. I COULD HAVE PREPARED MYSELF FROM THIS HEART BREAK AND CONFUSION!


It’s still one of my all time favorites, despite the throwing around of my heart and feelings. I think that the emotional instability I felt afterwords was more than worth it, for all of the cute and funny moments.



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