“The Not Yet Dead Battlefront”

Angel_Beats!_charactersI’ve always wanted best friends and stuff… and I couldn’t think of the kind of thing I was even looking for… then man. I watched Angel Beats and I know exactly what my silly heart desired.

I didn’t want best friends. I wanted a family– no not that thing that you’re born with and obligated to. I wanted a real family that consisted of people who chose to love and stick around with me. In Angel Beats, I noticed that completely. They laugh together, cry together, they argue and they fight, but they still stick with one another. That kind of bond never ceases to amaze me, and I just… it’s amazing.

Alive-angel-beats-33035453-1280-720There was the time they caught the BIG fish together and they were all so accomplished and AH! It’s just so cute and perfect and lovely. Just look at all of their expressions. Everyone is a family. They don’t let one another screw up without clearly pointing out that they’re being a total moron.


That’s the thing about good friends though– they tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear. They tell you the truth, and those kind of people are the ones worth surrounding yourself in. I really think Angel Beats depicts what kind of friendships and relationships I’m looking for.





One response to ““The Not Yet Dead Battlefront”

  1. OMG. I loved Angel Beats, and cried when it ended, and you’re right, having a family of friends is a blessing, my friends and I are knit tighter than a knot and its an amazing feeling to know that you’ve got people behind you who truly support you.

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