Everyone is a liar


It’s quite intriguing to play a game full of mystery cases. Solving them one by one as you slowly move up into a higher seat. Isn’t that how life is? Everyone has a path to go down and as they continue down their path, they either move up or down a seat. Yet I’m leaving something quite important out: everyone is a liar. People like to twist the truth or tell a white lie to screw another person over. For what purpose? They are afraid of consequences; maybe they just want to see the person fall? You’re probably wondering what this has to do with a video game?Well L.A. Noire is a perfect example of one person trying to screw the other over.

*possible spoiler alert*

1384220_655638721133307_41245115_nThis guy, right here, is Cole Phelps. He’s probably one of few who aren’t full-on liars. That’s probably because he is the main character. To start off the game, he’s in Patrol, a classic street cop. He solves multiple street crimes, before the “huge” crime that changed his life occurred. The major case that changed his life is named, “Buyer Beware.” It’s an extremely easy case where Phelps has to discover the shooter who killed Everett Gage in front of his own store. It’s a real easy case that should be completed in no time. After completing this case, Phelps gets promoted to Traffic.


With each promotion, you get a new partner. That guy is Stefen Bekowsky, quite a lazy bum, but he can get the job done. Traffic is basically the desk that hit-and-runs, stolen vehicles, felony driving, etc. There won’t be much detail from here on, because that will definitely spoil the game. From here on, Phelps, or you (for you are playing as Phelps), needs to assume that everyone in the game is lying to him. He has to doubt everyone’s words, because they all want to screw\ him over. They all want to see the struggle that he has when he can’t solve the case. They want to see him fail, be placed in a lower seat. There’s no need to spoil the game too much, but Phelps’ third partner screws Phelps up in order to bring himself “fame.” Phelps’ own fluffing partner screws him up. People are selfish in their heart as L.A. Noire indicates. They twist the truth or lie about others to save their own guts. This game merely brings to light the idea that everyone is assumed to be a liar and cannot be trusted.



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