Maybe I’m not the Protagonist

fi.watamoteJust being alive is such an ego boost that sometimes people see themselves as the most important thing in the world– well that’s kind of true. As a human, the most important thing is taking care of yourself. Sometimes though, that thought expands and it can get to your head. BAM. You start to think “Oh hey man, I’m totally the main character! Mwuahaaha! Now, a whole bunch of wonderful and eventful stuff should be going on in my life.” When in reality… whoops. You’re actually on an equal level as everyone else. But it doesn’t really seem like that. To be honest, it seems like everyone else is this amazing protagonist and I’m that background character that’s kind of ignored.

So I have come to the conclusion that I am more than certainly Tomoko. Socially awkward, shy, a wannabe protagonist, and slightly paranoid.
watamote10_024I honestly don’t mind all too much, but it’s kind of frustrating. In all the anime and manga, the protagonists get cute happy-dippy-doo love lives. And then there’s me, screaming to myself how none of the cutesy stuff even happens.




Asuna-and-Kirito-asuna-yuuki-35136789-1362-768Kirito gets Asuna…

Everyday..+Source+-+Watamote_6bdd0e_4760520And that up there is Tomoko, which in a sense is basically me. Ah, life. You have put me into a glorious setting. If I’m not the protagonist then who is? Does that make me a background character? I’m not really sure. I mean… Maybe I am a protagonist that’s just meant to face greater adventure one day. But I mean, until then… I’m an awkward Tomoko.

Watamote2 (1)I suppose that being Tomoko isn’t all too bad. She’s really cute and awkward in her own special way. I mean, it is her lack of social skills that add onto her list of character quirks which do make her a protagonist. Maybe one day I’ll notice my character quirks too.



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