It was meant to be


A lot of people ask me why anime is something I’m into. Some people find it odd, some have no opinion, and others find it totally rad. There’s a whole bunch of reasons why I enjoy anime and manga when I stop and think about it. I mean, the art style is unique, the story lines are different than that of other things, and anime and manga have opened me up to the Japanese culture, which I’ve started to fall in love with. I never would have thought however, that being into these things would introduce me to the most important person in my life– my best friend. By some odd coincidence and a nerdy recognition of song lyrics, anime and manga changed my life, and that’s probably the biggest reason why I love it so much.

It was a cold December morning some odd years ago, and it was the last day before finally went on winter break. Being in middle school at the time, I was elated and could not wait for school to be over. Everyone was waiting for the teacher to let us into the classroom, standing in their groups of friends and such. Of course there was me, standing off to the side, as I usually was. At the time, I didn’t have any friends, despite the fact we were already four months into the school year. Through the crowd of people, I heard a familiar song being sang. It wasn’t just some popular song from the radio, nope– it was a song from this anime I had watched a year or so back. It actually happened to be my favorite anime too.


Despite being quite typically a quiet kid, I ran over to the girl who was singing the song and freaked out. I started piling her with questions such as if she liked the anime or was just familiar with band, and ect. Once I found out she enjoyed both the anime and manga I had a typical fan-girly conversation with her. I mean, come on. If you meet someone who can totally have an hour conversation with you over an anime, then they are most definitely a keeper! And all this time, she has been a keeper.





In fact, she’s the Meroko to my Takuto. No matter what, she always looks out for me. Maybe she’s not totally super head over heels for me, as Meroko is for Takuto in the story, but she definitely is my partner in crime. Being with her just feels completely right. I know that through my good and bad decisions that she’ll continue to watch over me and try to guide me in the right path. If she was frivolously in love with, then she would become my Mitsuki, and honestly, I wouldn’t even mind.


Whether she is my Meroko or my Mitsuki, I’ll always be thankful to have her in my life. I’ll also always remember to thank Full Moon Wo Sagashite for introducing me to the first person I’ve ever considered a best friend.


On the topic of this anime, I might as well throw in a few more thoughts about it, rather than making a whole other post. Full Moon was always one of my favorite animes because it taught me that life is short and you should chase your dreams. The protagonist, Mitsuki followed her dreams even with the promise that she would die in a year, due to a malignant growth in her throat called Sarcoma. She wanted to be a singer, and what did she do? She used the help of magical shinigami that she wasn’t even supposed to be able to make contact with. So what do you do to follow your dreams? Almost die so you can get magical shinigami to help you? Nah. As nice as that sounds, it’s fictional. Although Takuto and Meroko played a huge part in Mitsuki’s success,  it was all of her hard work and determination that ultimately led to her to it all. Listen, there’s so many people that you will meet along the way in life, and some of those people will go, and some of those people will stick by you forever. The people that you choose to be in your life can make or break your determination. Surprisingly, what I’ve learned from school is that no matter what you think, the people that you surround yourself will affect you. All you have to do is surround yourself with the right people and the results are amazing.





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