Life is a plot twist


Sometimes it turns out that you’re the very thing that you’ve been fighting against the whole time. So, what happens then? Are you a hypocrite if you continue on fighting? With all the ups and downs life throws at you, how in the world is anyone supposed to make a decision?

*possible spoiler alert*

Shingeki no Kyojin is a key example that displays how life will take you off guard and put you in the worst imaginable situations. Take Eren Jaegar for example; ever since he witnessed his mother die at the hands of a titan, he vowed that he would destroy each and everyone that was humanly possible before he died. Things seem to be going in his favor as he joins the military training camp and is on his way to do what he’s set out to do. However, when on the brink of death and near failing his promise to himself, he discovers that he himself is one of the wretched creatures that he so hates the most. So upon discovering this life altering piece of information, does Eren wallow in self pity and give up on his goal? Absolutely not!

Eren takes what is handed to him and he uses it to his advantage. Despite the fact that the world will view him as a threat and monstrosity to humanity, he will still do everything to prove he is the opposite. You see, he has will power and never gives up. Everyone can be a little bit more like Eren Jaegar.


I mean look how his perseverance has gotten him so far…

Well… maybe not as intense as Eren. He seriously can tone it down a notch or two, but he has the right idea.

So, remember that it’s never impossible. The thing about life is that everyone thinks that goal is happiness. If you aren’t happy then something must be wrong. Right? Well, maybe not. People forget about the fight, and that’s the important thing. Whether or not people judge you for how you lead your lifestyle, as long as you put passion into what you want done, then you are living. You aren’t merely existing, but you are a living creature with a goal, and you’re fighting for it. So what if you turn into a flesh eating monster? As long as you continue to fight by the side of humanity, then you are still human.

In life, the least expected and most unwanted things are going to occur, so when that happens, what are you going to do? Are you going to be passive and just let things happen? Or, are you going to take this plot twist head on and have control over your life? You can dwell on the past or you can move forward. Sometimes, we’re handed such a terrible fate in life that it seems pretty unbearable, but the way you react to your situation is what makes you grow and develop as a person. So, you can blame the world for your problems, or you can be an Eren Jaegar and beat the crud out of your problems.

Just… not as scarily intense as he is perhaps. Seriously though. Eren needs to chill out.




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