I’m not what they expected

I’ve always had trouble finding acceptance for myself, growing up with so many people wanting to change who I am, but watching Ouran High School Host Club was a step in the right direction for me. Not only did it provide quite a few laughs for me, but it also taught me a thing or two about self acceptance.

If you’re not familiar with OHSHC then I’ll give you a little bit of background. In the above picture is Haruhi Fujioka. When first met, most people mistake Haruhi for a guy, but alas! She is not a boy. (Well, technically she doesn’t really even bother with gender labels which is why I love her even more, but that’s another store and another rant to be made.) Haruhi is more on the poor side and ends up putting herself in major debt to this host club full of rich and attractive boys. In order to pay off her debt, she basically sells her soul to them… Okay, okay. She has to work in the host club with them until she reaches a certain amount of patrons that favor her. (It’s something like that.) The rest of the anime follows Haruhi’s crazy antics to pay off her debt and is show in a pretty comedic way.

Despite all of the funny moments and outrageous character qualities that some of these guys are sporting, I actually got a lot out this anime. I mean, hey. It might just be me, but I found this to be real quality. Haruhi doesn’t live up to the standards that everyone wants her to meet. She isn’t as girly or proper as the other ladies around her, but she still accepts herself. The fact that she finds positivity within herself even with all this pressure to be different from who she is speaks to me. In my life, I personally struggle with being able to accept my self. I mean throughout trying to be acceptable to the people around me I don’t have a clear idea of who I even am anymore. So in a way, Haruhi is my role model.\


2 responses to “I’m not what they expected

  1. I’ve never thought of that, but you’re right. Haruhi isn’t concerned about her appearance and doesn’t mind being mistaken as a boy. In contrast, I usually worry about what others think about me. Thanks for sharing this. Haruhi is now my role model as well! 🙂

    • When I first watched Ouran, I didn’t see things that way at first. I just watched it for the giggles, but I re-watched it a few days ago and this has been on my mind. I’m so glad you could get something out of this! 🙂

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